Customizable HG Servers

Our customizable HG server series is designed to support resource-intensive production environments and offer high service availability.

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Key Features

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No long-term contract required

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Global 17+ Tbps network

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Hot swap available

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Unlimited Bandwidth

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28 Data Centers

anti ddos

Anti-DDoS included

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Root admin access

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The advantages of premium HG servers

High availability for critical usage

HG dedicated servers benefit from the highest level of SLA, due to redundant architecture on its electrical circuits, cooling, network and power supply. With this series, you may also replace disks without any service interruptions.

Hot-swapping: Changing disks while your server is running

All hard disks and SSDs (SAS, SATA, NVMe*) can be replaced without any need to reboot your server. As a result, if you need to increase your server’s disk capacity, you will not experience any service interruptions.

*hot swapping available on select disks.


Our HG servers are highly customizable and multi-purpose to fit a wide range of needs and workflows. You may choose whether you have one or two processors, the amount of RAM and the RAID type (SoftRAID or HardRAID). You may also equip your servers with graphical processing units (GPUs).

Additional IPs

You may purchase up to 256 Failover Ips per dedicated server with a small, one-time setup fee per IP.

Unlimited traffic with guaranteed bandwidth

OVHcloud’s global 17+ Tbps network provides guaranteed bandwidth of 250 Mbps or 500 Mbps as well as a burst function to handle peak capacity. Instead of isolated traffic spikes slowing down performance, our burst bandwidth can absorb the extra traffic with bursts of up to 4 Gbps. For more capacity, you may also upgrade your bandwidth to accommodate your needs.

Spend a lot of time transferring data? OVHcloud dedicated servers include unlimited data uploads and downloads at no extra charge.

Choice of operating system

More than 30 operating systems and licenses may be installed automatically from the OVHcloud Manager. We offer a wide variety of hosting standards such as Plesk and cPanel in addition to database distributions like Microsoft SQL Server 2016.