January 25, 2019
OVHcloud™ brings new, high-performance storage servers to the US

OVHcloud is rolling out a new line of storage servers today in our Vint Hill, VA data center, with Hillsboro, OR expected to follow next month. This is the first of several moves aimed at providing dedicated server customers with even greater performance for their most intensive workloads.

With 2x480GB SSD boot drives and 12x4 TB for storage, these are powerful machines that can handle virtually any storage or database need. A few popular use cases include:

  • Backup:Theses servers were originally designed as a backup target, and they can be used in a custom-built private or hybrid cloud backup scenario.
  • Database Management:The beefiness of these servers makes them ideal for Oracle DB or another dedicated database.
  • Storage Arrays:Any company looking to store large amounts of data, like video, could benefit from our new storage servers.

As OVHcloud continues to gather steam in the United States, look for more high-performance hardware specifications to roll out, as we work to make our data centers the home for your most intensive workloads and applications.

You can see the specifications of all of our storage servers here.