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Our bare metal servers, and private and public clouds are tailored to your IT infrastructure application needs and industry requirements

Wherever you are, we have data centers nearby and a robust network to support you. As a global hyper-scale cloud leader, OVHcloud can spin up services on demand, wherever you need, whenever you need. Our solutions include hosted private cloud virtualization, flexible public cloud services and storage, high-performance dedicated servers, and private LANs or direct connections to your data centers. We’re the right partner for you.

We provide all the flexibility you need, including budget-friendly cost management options — most of our solutions are pay-as-you-go. We can also help you with speed to market, quick scalability, securing your data, and providing the best-in-class support. We’re a trusted cloud provider with a track record of dependable service.

Please select any of the solutions below to learn more about their benefits, read customer case studies, watch videos, and locate technical documentation, so you can get started today.

Solutions by applications / use case

OVHcloud solutions by application or use case

Disaster Recovery

Safeguard and maximize your on-premises investment while maintaining operations, speeding up recovery, and reducing costs.

Data Center Extension

Improve performance, prepare for traffic spikes, or increase agility by extending on-premise workloads to the cloud.

Data Center Migration

Lower CapEx and gain new efficiencies by “lift and shift” from your on-premises data center to OVHcloud.

High-Performance Computing

Get the flexibility to use high-performance computing exactly, and only, when you need it. Get HPC capability without having to own HPC infrastructure.

Solutions by industry

OVHcloud solutions by industry


Cut costs, provide 24/7/365 cloud access to facilitate remote learning and collaboration — all with robust security.


Game servers and services that deliver fast performance and quick scaling, with hassle-free DDoS protection. Your gamers will experience only the good.


Move to a secure/compliant OVHcloud solution, so you can provide more IT services despite budgetary constraints.


Connect your health-focused data center operations to an OVHcloud solution for high-performance computing, and reliable network access.


Spend your fundraising dollars on your mission, not on infrastructure. Move to a OVHcloud solution to deliver more services while avoiding the capital expenditure.

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